TotalTunes Control

TotalTunes Control 2.5.9

Remote control with hotkeys for iTunes


  • Adds hotkeys to iTunes
  • Makes controlling iTunes much easier


  • Hotkeys cannot be configured easily


Managing large music collections is never easy. iTunes is one of the best programs out there for this sort of thing but it's not great for controlling music in motion.

TotalTunes Control basically gives you total control over your music reproduction in a way iTunes can't. TotalTunes Control sleeps in your taskbar until required when it presents you with a compact window to control everything in iTunes.

It can be recalled or closed at any time and crucially, lets you assign keyboard shortcuts for iTunes.

The shortcuts consist of the normal play/pause/forward and rewind functions although they are not easily configured.

You also get the progress and volume sliders and toggles for repeat and shuffle and a source menu from which you can change between the library and any of the playlists you might have.

The main problem is that you have to accept the program's default settings which is not ideal but at least better than what iTunes can offer.

TotalTunes control gives you ultimate control over your iTunes collection as it plays. It features shortcuts to control your music with an attractive interface meaning controlling your music on the fly has never been easier.

TotalTunes Control


TotalTunes Control 2.5.9

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